Where to buy floating fish feed making machine unit?

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1. Where can I find floating fish feed making machine unit?

With the continuous progress of the breeding industry, in the farm, the complete set of floating fish feed making machine units has long become the pioneer of modern breeding. The use of complete sets of floating fish feed making machine can not only greatly reduce labor, but also improve the efficiency of breeding work for farmers.

floating feed extruder equipment for sale

Where is a floating fish feed making machine unit for sale? ?Some users want to buy a set of fish feed pellet extruder, but don’t know where to buy it. If the user’s local does not sell it, they can buy it online, and there are more choices. For example, directly search for “floating fish feed making machine” from Google.

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You can find a lot of fish feed pellet extruder manufacturers. In order to avoid being deceived, it is recommended that users choose a professional, reliable and well-known brand of floating fish pellet machine manufacturers to buy, so as to avoid after-sales problems after purchase.

2. Components of the complete floating fish feed unit?

Many users want to know what equipment consists of a complete set of floating fish feed making machine units that produce about one ton per hour? This needs to be decided according to the actual situation of the user. A real case can be used for reference by the majority of users:

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The general floating fish feed pellet mill unit mainly includes a pulverizer, a mixer, a screw feeder, a floating pellet machine, a bucket elevator, a feed cooler, a feed packaging machine and other equipment.

Briefly talk about the production steps of a complete set of floating fish feed making machine units:

  • Pulverize the raw materials for pretreatment
  • Fully stirring the raw materials
  • The pellet machine granulates the raw materials
  • Pellet delivery
  • Pellet feed cooling
  • Pellet packaging and storage
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3. Complete process of floating fish feed production line

Floating fish feed production line plays a major role in feed manufacturers and feed farms, and Richi Machinery has developed and produced according to the market. The floating fish feed making machine production line is broken down into the following processes:

(1) Raw material crushing section:

Feed pulverizers can pulverize raw ingredients to the desired pellet size. Different grinders have different degrees of grinding. We offer four types of feed mills. Hammer mills are suitable for small and mediumfloating fish feed mill. Large and medium-sized floating fish feed mills typically use wide-chamber fine mills and drop hammer mills. The superfine hammer mill is designed for crushing special aquatic feed raw materials.

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(2) Feed mixing section:

Mixing is considered to be one of the essential operations in floating fish feed making machine line. Lack of proper mixing can result in reduced ration uniformity, which can affect feed pellet quality.

We offer two high-efficiency feed mixers: twin shaft mixers for mixing powdered or granular materials and spiral belt mixers for mixing powdered materials. Both can be equipped with an atomizing spray system to add the required liquid to improve the quality of the feed pellets.

(3) Feed pelletizing section:

Floating fish feed making machine is the main equipment of the whole production line. There are two kinds of common floating pellet machines: ring die floating fish pellet machine and ring die floating fish pellet machine.

 If you want to produce large batches of feed pellets, a ring die feed pellet mill is ideal. If your needs are smaller, you can choose a floating fish feed extruder. In addition, we also supply aquafeed pellet machines for pressing fish feed pellets and shrimp feed pellets, etc.

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If you have more questions about your custom floating fish feed making machine requirements, please feel free to leave a message or email for more support.

(4) Feed pellet cooling part:

The feed pellets extruded by the floating fish feed making machine are hot and moist. They cannot be immediately crushed, sifted or packaged. Counterflow feed pellet coolers are designed to cool or dry feed pellets.

 It lowers the temperature and moisture of the feed pellets in preparation for the following parts.

(5) Feed pellet crushing section:

Different poultry, livestock or aquafeed pellets have different sizes. Some large ones should be smashed into small ones. Roll feed pellet mill is feed pellet crushing equipment. Double-roller feed pellet mill is suitable for crushing poultry feed, such as chicken feed, duck feed, goose feed, etc. The three-roller feed pellet mill is suitable for crushing fish feed, shrimp feed and other aquatic feed.

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(6) Screening and grading part of feed pellets:

Crushed feed pellets vary in size and may contain some powder. Rotary classifier screens can be used to screen and classify feed pellets. After processing, qualified feed pellets without fine powder can be obtained.

(7) Feed pellet packing section:

Feed pellets should be packaged for transport, storage or sale. The automatic weighing and packaging machine can automatically carry out high-precision weighing and packaging of pellets.

(8) Automatic PLC control system:

The automatic PLC control system is adopted, and the production line is highly efficient and easy to operate.

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4. How much is the complete floating fish feed mill unit?

The purchase of floating fish feed making machine generally depends on the model and output to determine the price. Of course, the price of the pellet machine with a larger output will be slightly more expensive.

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If it is a single small feed pellet machine, the price is about 2000-20000 dollars. If it is a complete set of feed pellet units about tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars are needed, because the complete floating fish feed making machine unit is composed of multiple pieces of equipment, the output of each floating fish feed machine model is different, and the natural price will also be different.

 It is recommended that users inform the floating fish feed making machine manufacturer of their actual scale output, let the manufacturer customize a floating fish feed production line plan for you.

RICHI Machinery is specialized in the production of floating fish feed making machine, complete sets of floating fish feed production line and other equipment. It has many years of experience in floating fish feed extruder manufacturing, all of which are directly sold by manufacturers.

The quality of the floating fish feed machine is guaranteed, the price is moderate, and the after-sales service is perfect, which can provide users with a complete set of floating fish feed making machine unit guidance programs free of charge.

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