Kimberley shows off growing baby bump in crop top

May,06 2014

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Wow! Looking good Kimba!

In her exclusive OK! magazine column this week, she talks of wanting more children, keeping a close age gap.

She also shared the good news on her twitter that she is finally cast free!

Nadine tweets of fears for baby’s safety after US earthquakes

Apr,01 2014

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Being nervous and at times panicky is common among first time mothers, as Londonderry popstar Nadine Coyle has been revealing to her fans on Twitter.

Since the California-based 28-year-old and her partner Jason Bell welcomed a baby girl – whose name they have yet to reveal –into the world earlier this year Nadine has been enjoying the challenges parenthood brings.

She told her fans she has been in “baby bliss” and staring at her “little pink bundle”. But after an earthquake in California at the weekend, the singer shared how jittery she can get when it comes to her daughter’s safety.

“I love living in CA but these earthquakes scare me,” she wrote.

“My baby is only weeks old and has already been in two. Buying full survival kits today.

“I threw myself over her. She wasn’t too impressed.

“I was always paranoid, with a baby, I am a freak! I may need professional help.”

The former Girls Aloud singer told her 296,000 Twitter followers she would introduce her daughter to them soon.

“She is the best thing ever,” she added. “Way better than sliced bread!”.

It has been suggested that the Derry woman hasn’t posted a photograph of her daughter online or revealed her name as she has signed a deal with a glossy magazine, but it could be that she is enjoying a bit of privacy for a change.

Whatever the reason, Nadine was happy, like most mother’s are, to gush about her offspring.

“She is amazing thank you,” she told one fan.

“I cry tears of joy at least once a day.”

Being separated from a newborn baby is difficult for mums and dads, as Nadine can testify.

“I haven’t left her side since she was born,” she said.

“I tried to go out one day and broke my heart crying in the driveway. Maybe tomorrow…”

Girls Aloud split up at around this time last year.

Nadine has been working on solo material but is concentrating on motherhood for the meantime.


[VIDEO] Sarah Harding on Lorraine 26/02/14

Feb,26 2014

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Last night, Sarah tweeted that she would be on the Lorraine show this morning. Around 8.30am she appeared on ITV1 looking gorgeous to talk about what shes up to.

She announced she is set to do a showcase of her music next month, 26th March at O2 Islington Academy. More details on how to get tickets will be announced by Live Nation next week.

She also spoke about Kimberley’s baby news, and that she always thought Kim would be the first ‘Aloud’ girl to be pregnant first. She also mentioned that she’s in no hurry for babies, and her animals and god-children are enough for her for now.

After the show, she tweeted a selfie, standard!:

Video download and pictures from today are on the forum using the links below.

FORUM LINKS: Download | On set | Leaving the studio

Kimberley Walsh announces she is pregnant!!! #BabyAloud

Feb,25 2014

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Yesterday afternoon, Kimberley surprised us all with her announcement:

Yay another #BabyAloud!

Cheryl, Nicola and Sarah have all congratulated her on Twitter:

Nadine has yet to comment, although in all fairness, she is a new mother herself now don’t forget!

Congratulations Kimberley and Justin, brilliant news, and all of us at GAM hope you have a smooth pregnancy. xx

Nadine is expecting a baby girl!

Jan,01 2014

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Just a little after the clock struck 12 midnight, Nadine gave us a lovely New Years announcement

There was some confusion amongst fans on twitter (with me included!) as Nadine admitted in an interview a few months ago that she was keeping the sex of the baby a secret to herself until it was born. So we assumed she had given birth 2 months early.

She quickly set the record straight:

We all knew it was going to be a girl though right?! Nadine is due in February, and we wish Nadine and Jason all the best in welcoming their first daughter into the world soon.

The Girls wish fans a Happy New Year

Jan,01 2014

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The girls individual New Years messages via their Twitter accounts:

Sarah denies Celebrity Big Brother rumours

Dec,27 2013

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Sarah has ranted a fair bit on Twitter, and its 100% certain that she will NOT be taking part in the upcoming new series of Celebrity Big Brother.

Knocking back a twitter user (who to me looks like one of those fake bloggers who make up rumours for more followers), she strongly denied she would be going into the famous house in January.

Replying to @MrCelebUK’s tweet about entering the house (which has now been deleted hmm!) she wrote:

He replied that she will ‘look the fool come launch night, in fear of losing money by admitting it‘. However no one messes with Hardcore as she barraged him with replies denying her involvement with the show.

@MrCelebUK keep it comin fool! u gonna be the one with more than egg on that stupid face of urs come launch nite!
@MrCelebUK oh, and that’s only if u pluck up ur lil yellow ass cahonas to show it lol! Fancy a cuppa?! Xmas hugs to such a silly mug!
@MrCelebUK #obviouslyinthewrong job #nothingbettertodo #sad #p45 #fact #fiction #takingthepissoutofuisactuallyquitefun
@MrCelebUK (should rename himself) #sweetFA. TM loyal hardcores keep up the retweets so we can keep these so called bullshit ‘bloggers’ off

Well that told him!

Of course, he knew hitting back with a stupid reply like that would get him more attention *yawn*

And just so we have evidence come launch night (if he deletes his tweets) so we can tell him to ‘do one’ with his fake stories, here’s a screencap of his last tweet!

fake celeb bb

[VIDEO] Kimberley on I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here Now! 24/11/13

Nov,27 2013

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Part 1
Part 2

Kimberley’s 4th and last appearance on I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here! NOW!, that aired on Sunday evening is now online.

Thanks to Will you can also download the episode on the forum [HERE]

She shared a picture on Twitter of her last show, with Andy Brown from Lawson.

Kimberley is officially on her well deserved holiday!

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