Cheryl Cole demo ‘Screw You’?

Mar,24 2012

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A demo song of a song titled ‘Screw You’ has made it online, with fans speculating whether this could be the song Cheryl has recorded for her new album.

The clip you will hear below is NOT sung by Cheryl. Demo’s are when producers/writers record the track to show a performer what it could sound like.

A song with the same name has been wrote for Cheryl (see source [HERE]) But its not yet confirmed if its made it onto the new album or not.

A few days ago we got confirmation of a track titled ‘This is War’, a song for her #Soldiers.

Girls Aloud will record new album

Mar,13 2012

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Girls Aloud are discussing plans for a new album, according to Kimberley Walsh.

The band were known to be reuniting for a tour in 2013 to mark their ten-year anniversary, but it was previously unclear if they planned to release new material.

“Me and the girls are chatting about ideas right now. It’s not definitely just a one-off single. That’s what we are talking about at the minute,” Walsh told the Daily Star Sunday.

“We will have to see what happens but I’m certainly not ruling out a studio album just yet. It will be the Girls Aloud sound but moving forward with a twist.”

She added: “I’m really, really excited about the Sugababes reforming. It will be really good if we are both releasing at the same time because that’s how we started. We had a healthy rivalry and it will make us both raise our games.”

Sources have also now suggested that the reason behind the Girls Aloud comeback being delayed until 2013 was to allow enough time to record an album.