Interview: GT talks to Girls Aloud star Sarah Harding

Mar,19 2014

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Interview: GT talks to Girls Aloud star Sarah Harding

But this time, the girl is going it alone…

What better way to celebrate St Patrick’s day than sitting down with our favourite half-Irish popstar – Sarah Harding. The former Girls Aloud star is getting ready to go it alone, and dropped in to GT towers today to talk her brand new album, going solo and, urm, using her whips on us. Yes, really.

GT: Sarah! It’s St Patrick’s Day – shouldn’t you be out celebrating?

SH: I’ve been too busy working to be celebrating! I’ve got so much going on and I haven’t finish rehearsing yet. I haven’t finished the vocals on some songs yet, so I need to get my head around them. But you know the ones I’m most worried about? The Girls Aloud ones! There were five of us singing before, and now it’s just me.

So what can people expect from your big live showcase at London’s Islington Academy at the end of the month?

Well, I’m only going to be doing about three Girls Aloud tracks. The majority are all mine, and I might do a couple of cheeky covers as well. I really can’t wait to get going, though. I’ve just sorted out the order of the setlist today, and I’m really excited. It’s that one step closer.

I think we’ve reached the light of the end of the tunnel and i’m actually really excited. Once I get to the venue I’ll know exactly how i’m going to play the stage and the audience, and where exactly I want everything to be. At the moment I’m excited – but tomorrow I’ll probably be crapping myself. It comes and goes. It’s one end of the spectrum to the other – scared, happy, scared, happy. It’s a roller coaster.

The important question – have you decided what you’re going to be wearing yet?

Oh yeah! Or lack of! [laughs] It’s going to be cool and it’s going to be hot.

And as well as the showcase, you’ve got a gig at Kensington Palace coming up for the charity Street Child…

That’s right! I’ll be doing a couple of my songs and a Girls Aloud track as well, and that’s going to be acoustic. Anything that’s for a good cause, i want to be a part of. And being asked to sing at Kensington Palace as well – hello! Kate! Wills! [laughs]

Are you nervous?

It’s scary – doing it acoustically without any production! I’ve already done one rehearsal with the guys before. But for me, growing up I came from a musical background, so I’m used to the minimal stuff anyway. I prefer to just go back to basics. It’s going to be a real tester for me, though, to see how I cope with being on my own. I’m just going to imagine I’m up there singing with my dad’s band, or with my brother on one of his acoustic sets doing The Doobie Brothers.

So when can we expect the debut album? It’s what everyone’s waiting for!

I’m the only one who hasn’t really done the solo album yet! I’ve done the soundtracks, but not this! I like to keep everyone waiting… no, it’s not through any fault of my own. It’s just the timing has never been right. And now, I just feel like I have enough songs to put out there and give people an idea of what I’m about, and to see what I’m like on my own live.

I’ve been basically been working on stuff on and off for years, but I’m such a perfectionist I’ve never really come to the conclusion of it all being finished. There’s still stuff coming in now that I really wanted to work on. There’s no actual finish date on anything.

But what I want to do is just start getting it out there and getting some feedback. The fans have been going on at me forever and I’ve been wanting to get out there again and perform, because that’s what I love to do, is perform live. I just love to get entertaining and get the crowd going.

Girls Aloud has always had massive support from the gay community – why do you think that is?

Well, it was all about five outspoken naughty girls. Look at Kylie – she’s gorgeous, sexy and quirky… And every one of us all had a different element that people could relate to. And we’d play up to it as well! The banter, and strong women…

Well, we do like a strong woman to keep us in check…

If you keep talking like that i’m gonna get my whip out. [laughs] Men love fabulous women, what can I say?

You can read more from our interview with Sarah Harding in a forthcoming issue of GT.

Sarah will play London’s Islington Academy on Wednesday, 26 March. Tickets are available now – click here to buy.


Simon and Cheryl want you! – The X Factor UK 2014

Mar,13 2014

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[VIDEO] Cheryl and Simon interviewed on Daybreak and Lorraine

Mar,12 2014

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cheryl simon interview x factor 2014

This morning, saw 2 interviews by Dan Wootton on Daybreak and Lorraine.

Both interviews were a few mins long but containing the same questions although the Lorraine one is slightly longer. (Watch below!)


Cheryl spoke about how she was talked back to The X Factor this year, how she made friends with Simon again and making a joint decision on the other judging spot.

You can watch the Daybreak interview below.


Download from the forum:- Daybreak | Lorraine

Thanks to Will for the uploads.

Cheryl returns to The X Factor 2014!

Mar,11 2014

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Cheryl is officially a judge once again on The X Factor!

She broke the news on her instagram late last night:

GUESS WHAT!!.. I’m baaaacccckkkkk!!!! #iMayActuallyRingHisNeck #XFactor2014 #leggooo

Today, they held a Press Conference in London to confirm the news.

In an official comment, Cheryl said: ‘‘I’m very happy and excited to be returning to The X Factor. I’m inspired and ready to find new talent and potential pop stars. It’s going to be a fun series.

She has reportedly signed a £1.5million deal to return to the show, after Simon has apparently been begging her for years to come back.

Simon had also took to twitter this morning, to confirm the news, and said in an official statement:

‘I am so happy that Cheryl has agreed to join The X Factor again. The last time we worked together in the UK was incredible and produced some really successful artists. Obviously the plan is to do the same again… so it’s back to work!’

What are your thoughts on the news, are you happy or disappointed?! Join in with the discussion with other fans on our Facebook:


Arriving at Press Conference
Inside photoshoot

The @Yogisnap shop is now open!

Mar,11 2014

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If you have been eyeing up the hats that Sarah has been seen wearing, you can now buy them exclusively from

The design logo is based on her cute french bulldog Yogi, and the hats are limited edition. When you receive your Yogi Snap, he comes in his own exclusive Yogi box to ensure he’s not damaged when you receive him and so that you can take extra care of him when he’s with you.

Born in London in 2013, Yogi is stylish, laid back, distinctive and there to make you feel and look good on all occasions.

Theres only so many Yogi’s born each season so each breed is limited. This meaning that once a style runs out, it runs out. No re-runs, keeping each Yogi exclusive and that little bit special.

All Yogi’s are brought up independently with love and care to make sure that when you take your Yogi home, your getting the highest quality product on the market.

All Yogi’s have a pink collar, what ever the design! This makes each snap distinguishable and the ultimate style accessory for whatever the occasion.

Prices start from £24.99, and if you order from 11th March, for 48hrs you get your box signed by Sarah Harding!

Check out the latest arrivals to Kimberley’s @VeryNetwork Edit

Mar,05 2014

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Four dresses and a printed playsuit hhave been added to Kimberley’s clothing edit over on

Which one is your favourite?

Shop here:

The new photoshoot of the items being modelled by Kimberley herself are on the forum:

[VIDEO] Sarah Harding on The Voice of Ireland Battle Rounds #3

Mar,03 2014

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Last night was Sarah’s 3rd appearance on The Voice of Ireland, being a guest mentor for Team Bressie.

Massive thanks to @SarahAddicts ( for clipping the show this week, into 2 parts, the mentoring bits and the comments.

Of if you prefer to watch the whole show, we have the download waiting for you on the forum:

[VIDEO] Kimberley Walsh New Collection Daytime Outfits

Mar,03 2014

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Check out Kimberley Walsh’s fabulous spring collection, exclusively for The collection is jam packed full of figure flattering items perfect for any occasion.


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