[VIDEO] Styled To Rock – Episode 2

Aug,22 2012

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Styled To Rock – Episode 2 (August 21 – 2012)

The 2nd episode that aired last night is on Youtube for all you international fans to watch!

Rizzle Kicks and Pixie Lott feature in this ep.

If you prefer to watch in HD, you can use the download on our forum:
(Simply reply to the post to see the hidden links and follow the download instructions on which you link you choose from)

Cheryl Cole features on the series, but you will have to wait a bit longer, as it wont air until September 25th, on Sky Living HD.

Please let me know if video does not work for you, i will replace it.

3 Responses to “[VIDEO] Styled To Rock – Episode 2”

  1. Sergi says:

    The video works til 01:18 :(

  2. saraaa says:

    4:36 – where is nicolas jacket from?! been looking everywhere!

  3. Patrick says:

    wow Brett is a little insane!! haha and rude!! – im american.. but shes an american slag! lol