Girls Aloud – Beautiful Cause You Love Me (Official HQ Audio)

Nov,13 2012

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Just premiered on Radio 2, listen to this brand new Girls Aloud track above.


3 Responses to “Girls Aloud – Beautiful Cause You Love Me (Official HQ Audio)”

  1. Mario says:

    There are two versions of this song. On different version Kimberley is singing half Sarah part. Have you heard it?

  2. Mario says:

    Nadine version is probably Radio Edit version for video. Hope they will tape music video to this version (sorry Kim and Nicola). Want more Nadine and Sarah!

  3. Silvie says:

    I feel sorry for Nadine. I'm glad that Nicola rules this song, but the tiny bit of Nadine that was uploaded before this was better, she only had a short solo but that was enough. Her vocally carrying the group for ten years, only to be snubbed in their 'comeback ballad moment'. This is sad- If this is their last single then I want all the girls to get a solo line. Even short one. It's kinda unfair. I wish they'd kept the other version…